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Homeless man treats over 50 strangers to lemonade slushies

June 21, 2023


Random acts of kindness can bring about great joy for both the giver and receiver.  We have seen celebrities and T.V. hosts give away millions of dollars in cash and gifts to individuals.  And perhaps we ourselves have given food, money or clothing to someone less fortunate than ourselves.  But, almost never have we seen a homeless man GIVE to strangers … until last weekend.


On Saturday, June 10, 2023 around 2pm when the temperature was well over 80 degrees, Terrence “Terry” Brown walked up to JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade stand located outside of the Winder, GA Walmart and offered to pay for the large frozen strawberry lemonade that was being prepared for a customer.  And that was just the start of it.  Terry stopped everyone who was entering or exiting Walmart and informed them that he wanted to treat them to a free large frozen lemonade.  Initially, people were hesitant and wondering why this stranger was willing to buy them something, but, most of them took him up on his offer and got in line to receive their free drink.


Dawn Carter, co-owner of JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade, was manning the booth.  After two hours of preparing the slushies that were paid in full by Mr. Brown, she ran out of large cups and ice.  But, Terry was not finished with his random act of kindness.  He returned the next day to gift another round of large frozen lemonade drinks to more random strangers.  “I called JoJo to tell him I was out of large cups and explained why.  He couldn’t believe it himself, but, was thrilled to learn of Terry’s generosity and provided me additional supplies for the next day”, says Ms. Carter.


When asked why he was doing this, Terry simply said, “because it is better to give than to receive”.  The most surprising part of this whole story is that while Terry has a job, he is a homeless man.  He lives in his truck and randomly gifts strangers at local food establishments in the area.  This past weekend, he gifted over 50 cups of frozen lemonade and everyone walked away with a big smile.

JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade is moving inside Walmart

February 16, 2023

JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade and Twisted Pretzels by JoJo have just teamed up with FG Architecture, Inc. for the interior tenant space design plans for their first Walmart unit.  The location of this store at 400 Shallowford Rd in Gainesville, GA has great sentimental value to CEO Joel “JoJo” Jackson because its where he got his start over 23 years ago squeezing lemonades outside from his mobile cart and satisfying customers for multiple generations.  

This Gainesville native son is somewhat of a local celebrity as everyone in Gainesville and North Georgia knows about JoJo’s great tasting freshly squeezed gourmet lemonade.  Over the years, JoJo has operated JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade at various festivals such as Gainesville’s Mule Camp, Gold Rush and the Braselton Antique and Art Festival.  JoJo also took his delicious thirst-quenching lemonade (along with hot dogs, nachos and ice cream) to local malls like Lakeshore Mall, the Mall of Georgia and The Georgia Square Mall in Athens where you can currently find him.

While you’re there, walk on over to his other kiosk where you will find Twisted Pretzels by JoJo, a new business venture he took on with business partner Dawn Carter on November 1, 2021.  Not only is JoJo’s Gourmet Lemonade sold from this location, but you can also get fresh baked soft pretzels in full or bite size and various savory or sweet flavors.

Now the two brands are coming together in one space – inside the Shallowford Rd Walmart in Gainesville.  “I’m looking forward to being able to make people happy year-round with my products and not just in the summer-time” says JoJo.  “We are excited to be on the team”, says Fernando Garcia of FG Architecture.  Both CEO’s expect this to be the first of many engagements as JoJo’s expects to expand into multiple Walmart locations over the next few years.


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